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Location Arrival Hall, Main Terminal Building, KLIA

Strategically located after the Immigration checkpoint (Counters 31-42) at the Arrival Hall, Level 3, KLIA Main Terminal Building, The ZON Duty Free outlet makes it real easy for you to pamper yourself with a vast array of international brands and an exquisite selection of the finest duty free liquor and tobacco at the lowest available prices. Enjoy further discounts when you use your ZON Community Card. If you are not a ZON Community member yet, be a member today with a minimum purchase of RM200. Get the card... enjoy the delights right away! Just remember to keep your shopping for last as you can buy while waiting for your luggage and leave for your destination immediately. No lugging your buys all the way from the Satellite arrival area!


Location MTB-5-L05, Level 5 Departure, KLIA

Located at Departure Hall at KLIA Main Terminal Building, our Travel and Gadget Accessories shop is easily accessible to travellers and all airport visitors. We carry a wide variety of latest digital products such as headphones, speakers, smartwatch, powerbanks, charging cables, backpacks and even padlocks for travel bags for your conveniences before or after taking the flight. Visitors are welcome to try out the products available on our display shelves.Operation Hours is from 6 am To 12 pm daily.

Location @klia2

S3-2-A05, L Gate Terminal@klia2

You can now enjoy cosmetics and perfumes shopping at the most affordable prices in The ZON Duty Free of KLIA2 airport!

Perfumes and Cosmetics (P&C) is one of the largest and most important categories in the travel retail. The key emphasis of this category is placed on luxury, service, convenience and quality. Furthermore, value for money remains an essential component of our offer in line with customer expectations and the heritage of duty free retailing.


Perfumes are the dominant category within P&C. Thus, we put emphasis on supporting customer decision making process and clear segmentation in our shops. We offer a wider range of fragrances from leading brands to meet every need. Our rage includes luxury and super premium fragrances, contemporary classics, lifestyle & sport fragrances, famous faces and funky fragrances.


Colour cosmetics followed by skincare are the fastest growing segments in the P&C category reflecting our lifestyle needs for health and wellness as well as having the latest look. To ensure that this is appropriately reflected in our stores we make significant investments in space, features and visibility for the all the major established beauty houses, skincare expertise and colour expertise brands. Our selection includes a wide range of brands from luxury and premium to masstige and wellness meeting the needs of different travellers.


S3-2-A06, L Gate Terminal@klia2

Chocolates & Confectionery

The creme de la creme of our new sweet and indulgent outlet here in KLIA2 are the plethora of shelves selling imported, quality and duty-free chocolates and confectionery. Consistent with The ZON's family-centric experience, this new 'be sweet' and 'be indulgent' area offers travellers a memorable chocolate experience, raising the bar in confectionery retailing.

If you are looking for bite size treats or your favourite chocolates we have a wide selection of products to cater for all tastes and great deals, too to keep you and your loved ones happy.

Location Skypark Subang Terminal

Located on the Ground Floor of Skypark Subang Terminal, The ZON Emporium carries a wide range of international brands of duty paid perfume for both men and women. It also carries selected imported apparels and accessories.

Skypark Subang
Location Departure Hall, Penang International Airport

Save your duty-free shopping till the very last at The ZON Duty Free outlet here in Penang International Airport. It offers a wide array of world renowned brands of chocolates, perfume & cosmetics.

Penang International Airport
Location Lot FF1-A, International Departure Hall, Senai International Airport

Small but gold. Here at Senai International Airport we present you with international brands of perfume and cosmetics, chocolates, cigarettes and variety of liquors to choose from. Whats more, all products are duty free! Operation Hours is from 6 am To 12 pm daily.

Senai International Airport
Location Level 1, L1L16, Langkawi International Airport

Even on an island like Langkawi, you can find the latest digital product at The Zon Duty Free! Discover headphones, portable Bluetooth speakers, drones, charging cables, backpacks and powerbanks for your travel needs. Operation Hours is from 7 am To 11 pm daily.

LGK International Airport
Location Melaka Airport - Arrival & Departure Hall

The ZON Duty Free outlet in Departure Hall carries a range of duty free alcohol and cigarettes. The ZON Duty Free outlet in Arrival Hall carries duty free liquor, tobacco, chocolates, perfume and cosmetics as well as duty paid goods.

Melaka Airport
Location Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah

Visit The ZON Duty Free Shopping Complex at Black Forest Duty Free resort, Bukit Kayu Hitam.

It is a modern 3-storey building with over 5,000 sq meter of retail space and ample car parks. This outlet carries a wide range of duty free as well as duty paid goods ranging from imported as well as local (Malaysian) chocolates, clothing, pens, watches, liquor, tobacco, luggage and household goods. Besides shopping, you can enjoy fine dining and golf recreation facilities, too at the Black Forest Duty Free Resort, Bukit Kayu Hitam.

Bukit Kayu Hitam

The ZON Mart

Welcome to The ZON Mart, Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah that opens daily from 10am – 11pm so as to allow our shoppers to shop in the late evening. We easily accommodate your busy schedule and we are certain you will be delighted. So be sure to make a quick pit stop here for your stock-up to keep you and your loved ones happy.

The ZON Mart, Bukit Kayu Hitam
Location Rantau Panjang, Kelantan

Located strategically at the Rantau Panjang strip next to the Post Office, The ZON Duty Free outlet here offers a wide range of duty free as well as duty paid goods ranging from imported as well as local (Malaysian) chocolates, clothing, pens, watches, liquor, tobacco, luggage and household goods since 1986. It caters to both local and foreign tourists traversing the main Eastern border into Thailand.

Rantau Panjang
Location Pengkalan Hulu, Perak

Located at Pengkalan Hulu, Perak, it is the Perak gateway to Betong, Thailand. Located strategically, this outlet serves tourists entering and leaving Malaysia and the Thai border.

This outlet carries a wide range of duty free as well as duty paid goods ranging from imported, local (Malaysian) chocolates, clothing, pens, watches, liquor, tobacco, luggage and household goods.

Pengkalan Hulu
Location Padang Besar, Perlis

Located at the northern gateway of Padang Besar, The ZON Duty Free serves the needs of travellers traveling between Malaysia and Thailand. This outlet carries a wide range of duty free as well as duty paid goods ranging from imported, local (Malaysian) chocolates, clothing, pens, watches, liquor, tobacco, luggage and household goods.

Padang Besar
Location Pantai Cenang & Cable Car, Langkawi

Located at Pantai Cenang and Cable Car at Mat Cincang, The ZON Duty Free outlets here offer a wide range of products ranging from duty free liquor, tobacco, perfume and duty paid products like food, apparel, luggage and sunglasses at fair prices. It is indeed a shopping haven for everyone that visits the island. Both outlets offer ample free parking for our customers and taxis are available upon request.

Location Wisma Atlan, Penang

The ZON Duty Free Emporium offers world renowned duty free products such as liquor and cigarettes as well as duty paid chocolates and gift items; catering to tourist groups and hotel guests.

Location Wisma Charterfield, KLIA Commercial Centre, Sepang

The ZON Duty Free Wealthouse, Sepang is very convenient for tour groups to stop by to browse and shop. Choices of products and gifts are aplenty as we do carry world renowned brands of liquor, cigarettes, chocolates, gifts, souvenirs such as pewter and time pieces, too.

KLIA Commercial Centre
Location Johor Bahru Duty Free Zone, Johor

The ZON Duty Free outlets in Johor Bahru Duty Free Zone, south eastern coast of Johor Bahru is just 2km from the JB Singapore causeway. We are now ready to serve you not only with world's renowned brands of liquor and cigarettes but with additional prestigious brands that can be found in The ZON outlets and they are Spirit Of Asia, Chocolate Delight and Perfume & Cosmetics.

Johor Bahru

Spirit of Asia

  • Asian spirits that are from China, Japan & Taiwan

Spirit of Asia

Chocolate Delight

  • We carry both local and imported chocolates
  • Assortment of brands like ALFREDO, BERNIQUE, CHECKERS, CHAUMET, BERYL'S, DAIANA, GUYLIAN, WHITTAKERS, MEYBONA and many are available

Chocolate Delight

Perfume & Cosmetics


Perfume & Cosmetics


  • Assortment of both imported and local beer brands are available with brands like KAISERDOM (Germany); DESTER (Korea); STASSEN (Belgium), CARLSBERG (Denmark), BUDWEISER (USA), TIGER and many more

D Cottage

The Cocoa Trees

  • Duty Free chocolates
  • We carry imported chocolate brands only

The Cocoa Trees

Chocolate Gallery

  • Duty Free chocolates
  • We carry imported chocolate brands only

Chocolate Gallery
Location Terminal Feri Antarabangsa Melaka

This outlet offers world renowned duty free products such as liquor and cigarettes catering to tourist groups via seaport arrivals.

Melaka Port
Location Level 2, Berjaya Waterfront Ferry Terminal (Departure Hall)

The ZON Mart has an increased product ranch across the convenience store and we are certain that both local and foreign shoppers will be delighted. We hope many shoppers will come along to our new The ZON Mart.

The ZON Mart, Johor Bahru
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